The transfer program allows you to give your spot to someone else. It is important to go through the proper transferal channels because every participant needs the correct information in case of a medical emergency. Giving someone your bib affects the results and those who are caught doing so may be barred from future races.

The transfer program will be open until April 15, 2019. No transfers will be allowed after this time to ensure we have enough time to assign bib numbers and make corrections to our database.

The deferral program allows you to give up your spot in exchange for a guaranteed spot in the 2020 race.

You will not receive an entry fee refund for this year’s race if you decide to defer. In addition, you will still be required to pay the entry fee for the 2020 race in which you have a guaranteed spot.

  • Defer your spot in this year’s race and guarantee your spot in the 2020 race.
  • The deferral program closes on April 27, 2019.

If you chose to have your race packet mailed to you during registration, you may not defer your spot after March 31, 2019. Defer your spot today!

The deadline to deferral your registration is April 27, 2019.