Run Postponed Until Oct 4, 2020

The countdown is on for the Broad Street Run 10-Miler on October 4, 2020!








Blue Cross Broad Street Run Race Postponement FAQs

Will there be another lottery for the October 4, 2020 race?

There will not be a new lottery for the new October date.

If you’re looking for a bib, you may ask other runners on our Facebook page if they are looking to transfer a bib.

Once you’ve found someone, you can transfer your through official race channels for the safety of all runners.

Once the transfer is completed, the original runner will receive a refund of their registration fee. Please visit: to learn more about the transfer and deferral process.

Running for a charity is also a great option. You will still get to run the race, and you are helping worthy causes. Learn more here:

When is the new date for the 2020 Blue Cross Broad Street Run?

The 2020 Blue Cross Broad Street Run is postponed until October 4, 2020.

If I can’t make the new race date, can I have guaranteed entry in 2021?

You can defer your entry to the 2021 race to guarantee your spot. Deferring your entry guarantees you a spot in the  2021 race bypassing the lottery.  You are required to pay the 2021 fee.  You should go to your RunSignUp Profile to defer your entry by August 30, 2020.

(view instructions to defer your entry)

If I can’t make the new race date, can I get a refund? How will that work?

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run has a no refund policy. If you decide to transfer your bib, we are waiving the $15 transfer fee.  You can also defer your entry to the 2021 race, guaranteeing your spot. You are required to pay the 2021 fee. You should go to your RunSignUp Profile to transfer or defer your entry by August 30, 2020.

(view instructions to transfer your entry)

(view instructions to defer your entry)

I can’t make the new race date. Can I transfer my bib to someone else?

Yes, the bib transfer program will be open until August 30, 2020, with no transfer fee. You should go to your RunSignUp Profile to transfer your entry.

(view instructions to transfer your entry)

What if I transferred my bib because I could not make the original date, but I am able to make the postponed date?

Send an email to [email protected] and we will send you a link to register.

Will my registration be transferred over if the race is postponed?

Yes, you will not need to do anything on your end.

Can I defer my bib to 2021 if I can’t make the new race date?

Yes, you will be guaranteed a spot in the 2021 race bypassing the lottery. But you will be required to pay the 2021 fee. You should go to your RunSignUp Profile to defer your entry.

(view instructions to defer your entry)

Will the bib transfer and/or deferral dates be extended?

Yes, until August 30, 2020.

I already booked my hotel room for May 3. Will the hotel be able to re-book me for the new date without paying a fee?

Most likely yes, they will. However, it is the hotel’s individual decision. You should reach out to the hotel directly to adjust your reservation.

I can no longer attend the Expo to pick up my bib. How can I request to have it sent by mail?

Go into your RunSignUp profile to add the packet mailing option.

Will training programs (like Team Philly Race Training and Runcoach) still be available until the new date?

Yes, both programs will be available.

( *updates pending) General

When is the next Blue Cross Broad Street Run, and what is the starting time?

The next Blue Cross Broad Street Run will be held on October 4, 2020. For 2020, the event will begin at 7:30 a.m. (note new date and time!)

Does the Blue Cross Broad Street Run benefit charity?

Yes, the American Cancer Society benefits through the runners’ donations and pledges. Join the American Cancer Society Runner Program.

Who do I contact if I want to share my own Blue Cross Broad Street Run experience?

If you have a story to tell about why you are participating in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, we would like to know about it. Send your story to [email protected].

Is the Blue Cross Broad Street Run sanctioned and certified by USATF?

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run is USATF sanctioned and course-certified.

Lottery and Registration

When does the lottery open?

The lottery opens on February 1, 2020 and lasts until February 14, 2020 (11:59 p.m. EST). Remember, you must enter the lottery to run the race.

I'm having problems registering with a guaranteed registration (Philadelphia Challenge, tenured runner or deferred runner). What do I do?

Be sure to use the exact first and last name used during the Philadelphia Challenge, or that you provided as a tenured runner or deferred participant.

I already registered for the lottery, but am having difficulty changing my registration information.

If you are selected from the lottery on February 18th, you will be able to make changes to your registration or purchase additional merchandise directly from your RunSignup profile.

This includes address changes or ordering an in-training shirt.

Here is a tutorial that walks you through editing your registration record on RunSignup (View tutorial)

How do I register for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run?

To run in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, you must enter the lottery. We can only allow a certain number of runners in the race, so we choose runners at random through the lottery.

What do I do if I haven’t received my confirmation yet?

You should have received an email confirmation immediately after you registered online. Confirmations will not be mailed. If you haven’t received your confirmation, your registration may not have processed. You will need to go to the Blue Cross Broad Street Run Solutions Center Health & Wellness Expo presented by Einstein Healthcare Network. You may also call 215-683-3594 or email [email protected].

Is there an age limit to run the race?

There is no age limit for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. The youngest finisher was 7-years-old in 2018.

( *updates pending) ​Transfer/Defer Process

How do I transfer my bib to another runner?

How the transfer process works

You may transfer your bib to someone you know.

  1. If you wish to transfer your bib, it is your responsibility to find someone to transfer it to. Blue Cross Broad Street Run will help with periodic social media postings, but it will be your responsibility to find someone to transfer your bib. We recommend your running club or your running circle.
  2. Once you find someone to transfer, log in to your RunSignUp account and follow the instructions on transferring.

Notes regarding bib transfers:

  • Links do not expire with transfers, but participants can cancel their initiated transfer. However, the deadline to initiate transfers must by made by August 30 and you must complete the transfer prior to September 2, 2020.
  • There is a transfer fee of $15, which will be paid by the person accepting the transfer. This fee is waived during the coronavirus 2019 postponement.
  • Please note that add-on items (iTab, packet mailout) will not be transferred along with the registration. Once the transfer is complete, the original registrant will receive a refund of all fees, minus processing fees.
  • The originator will receive a full refund, minus processing fees.
  • The Blue Cross Broad Street Run does not permit anyone to charge fees over the standard entry fees for each event for a transferred registration. Anyone found overcharging will be banned from future races.

If you have any questions, call 215-683-3594 or email [email protected].

(View instructions on transferring your bib)

What if I can’t race this year; can I use my spot for another year?

Defer your entry

The deferral program allows you to give up your spot in exchange for a guaranteed spot in the 2020 race.

You will not receive an entry fee refund for this year’s race if you decide to defer.

In addition, you will still be required to pay the entry fee for the 2021 race in which you have a guaranteed spot.

  • The deferral program closes on August 30, 2020 (11:59 p.m. EST).

(View deferral instructions)

Before the race

If I am unable to attend the Expo, how can I obtain my race packet?

If you cannot attend the Expo, you may designate someone to pick up your packet for you. It would be helpful to give them your confirmation number to speed up the pick-up process.

The person picking up your packet must show proof of their identity through a letter signed by the runner authorizing the person picking up permission to do so. The person should also bring photo identification.

Are there pace groups for the race?
There are no pace groups; however, like-paced (based on submitted estimated finish times) runners are placed in corrals together.
Can I change corrals?
Anyone who wishes to move to a slower corral is free to line up with that later start group. If you would like to move to a faster corral, please bring your bib to the Corral Change Table at the Expo so it can be modified for admittance. Runners who line up in faster corrals without visiting the Corral Change Table first may be disqualified.
Where can I buy race gear?
Official race gear will be sold at the Health & Wellness Expo presented by Einstein Healthcare Network, at the Navy Yard during the race, and online.
How do I find training teams, so I don’t have to train alone?
Join Team Philly Race Training led by three-time Top 5 Blue Cross Broad Street Run finisher Ross Martinson. The program is geared towards beginner and intermediate runners wanting to prepare for the most popular 10-miler in the country.
Membership includes:
  • Complete training manual
  • Multiple weekly group runs
  • Interactive group website
  • Dry fit shirt
  • Freebies/discounts

This community program is run by the running experts at Philadelphia Runner and On Running. The cost is only $80, plus processing fees.

How do I obtain a USATF Membership card?
Visit for information about obtaining a USATF Membership card.
How can I volunteer?
To volunteer for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, view our volunteer page, call the race hotline at 215-683-3594 or email [email protected].

Race Day

Where do I park?

There is no parking available in the start area. We recommend that all runners park their cars for free in the Sports Complex parking lots (Broad Street and Pattison Avenue). From there, you can take the SEPTA Broad Street Line to the start area.

Are hydration backpacks allowed?

No backpacks, coolers, or non-clear bags are permitted along the route, including start and finish areas. Water stations are located throughout the course.

How do I get to the starting area?
The Central High School Athletic Field is located at Broad Street and Somerville Avenue approximately one mile north of the Route 1 and North Broad Street Interchange. Board the Broad Street Line at any subway stop to get to the start area. Many trains are crowded and may not stop at some locations going north, so please allow enough time to get to the Broad Street Run start area.
Is there transportation back to start area when the race is completed?
There are no shuttles back to the start area. However, public transportation is available on the SEPTA Broad Street Line Subway. One-way fare is two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50).
For public transportation information contact SEPTA at 215-580-7800 or visit
Subway trains from Broad Street and Pattison Avenue will begin running at 5:30 a.m. Express trains will run continuously as soon as they become full. You should board at the Walnut/Locust stop if you are boarding from Center City.
It is in your best interest to board a train before 6:00 a.m. to allow for any delays. It takes approximately 35 minutes for local subway trains to reach the SEPTA Broad and Olney Transportation Center, which is a few blocks above the start. However, express trains when operating take about 20 minutes.
Where is the gear check located?
We provide free baggage and gear transportation from the start area to the finish line area. You will receive a clear plastic bag at the Health and Wellness Expo presented by Einstein Healthcare Network with your race packet. Please use this bag and make sure all items within the bag are visible.
Backpacks and suitcases are not permitted at gear check for your safety and the safety of others.
Here’s how gear check works:
  1. Put some form of identification, including your name, address, and phone number, inside your bag in case we need to ship the bag back to you after the race. Any garments without a bag will not be accepted.
  2. Find a gear check bus located around the start area, including Olney Avenue, Old York Road, and Somerville Avenue. (There will be no buses on Broad Street).
  3. Gear must be checked onto a bus by 7:00 a.m.
  4. Each bus will have 500 security wristbands. You will receive two matching wristbands and a sticker when you check your bag. Place one wristband on your gear and hand it to a volunteer. Place the second wristband on your wrist and place the sticker on the back of your race bib.
  5. Don’t forget the bus number in which you checked your gear, because buses will not be loaded by bib number.
  6. Pick up your gear in the Navy Yard at the south end of the Marine Parade Grounds, in the parking lot directly across Constitution Avenue.
How can I get a photo taken of me during the race?
Call Island Photography 800-869-0908 or visit
Are the runners allowed to wear headsets/earphone?
For your safety and insurance considerations, we do not permit headsets or earphones.
How do I obtain applications for Kids Fun Activities?
You can call 215-683-3594 or email [email protected] to get an application.
Where are the best places to watch the race?
Here is a list of great spots to stop and watch:
  • The start area near Broad and Fisher Street
  • North Broad Street along the Temple University Campus
  • North Broad Street at Callowhill near the Philadelphia Daily News Building
  • City Hall — West Side at Dilworth Plaza
  • Broad and Walnut Streets outside The Bellevue
  • South Broad Street along the Avenue of the Arts
  • South Broad Street at Carpenter (High School for the Creative and Performing Arts)
  • South Broad Street at Jackson (South Philadelphia High School)
  • South Broad Street at Bigler Street
  • South Broad Street at Packer Avenue, one block from Chickie’s & Pete’s
  • Broad and Pattison at the Sports Complex
Are strollers allowed in the Navy Yard?
Yes, strollers are allowed in the Navy Yard. If you are bringing in a child with a diaper bag, the bag may be searched.
Can I bring a bag/backpack/cooler into the Navy Yard?
No bags, backpacks, or coolers will be allowed in the Navy Yard. Any items being brought into the Navy Yard must be in clear plastic bags.