Countdown to complete the Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10-Miler








RaceJoy App

Download the RaceJoy App for free live participant tracking and cheer sending on race day. Carry your phone and use RaceJoy on race day to add to your race experience!

This app is optional, but we encourage all participants to set up the app to get the full race day experience.

Key features include:

Live phone tracking: Friends and family can track you in real time in a map view as you progress along your route, and NearMe alerts can also allow them to know if you are drawing near. Friends and family can also track multiple participants.

GPS progress alerts:
Receive continual progress updates as you complete the course! Audio updates will be sent at every mile and include pace, elapsed time, and estimated finish time.

Optional real-time postings of your progress posted to your Facebook and Twitter walls.

Send-a-Cheer: Friends and family can send fun, motivational audio cheers.

Pre-race instructions:

  • Download RaceJoy from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Find Race: Click Featured Races to access the event you are doing.
  • Set Up Tracking: Be sure to click “I Want to Be Tracked” and follow the prompts carefully.

Important note on phone settings: The RaceJoy app cannot override your phone settings. You will need to manually check and change the settings prior to starting to experience RaceJoy’s mobile features.

  • Be sure to have a fully charged phone.
  • Device’s notifications (including sounds) must be ON for RaceJoy to receive progress alerts and cheers.
  • Location services must be ON for live phone tracking (go to Privacy/Location Services to verify).
  • Background App Refresh must be ON for GPS tracking to stay enabled.
  • Do NOT use Wi-Fi: You may receive a prompt saying Wi-Fi will improve your location services. Disregard this prompt, and be sure to use your cellular service provider when you turn your tracking on.

Note: Progress alerts may be suspended if there is an issue connecting to your phone (weak cell service, participant’s use of of Wi-Fi, improper setup, battery depletion, etc.).

When you’re ready to start:

  1. Turn tracking on by clicking the green, blinking button on your Race Day.
  2. Select the course you are about to begin.
  3. Click START MY RACE as you begin to start your personal clock.

RaceJoy auto detects when you finish the distance selected. No need to click finish button.

Important note for your friends and family: Be sure they log in as themselves and not you (otherwise RaceJoy will track them instead of you).

Virtual Results & Race Redo:

  • Be sure you know your bib number when uploading results – you can use our bib lookup here
  • Automated Virtual Results – To submit your official time, enter the Bib number provided to you to have your RaceJoy finish data automatically submitted for results after you run.
  • Race Redo – You can redo the distance or onsite route to submit a new finish time. Select the REDO button to re-complete the distance.

Warning: This will erase previous performance data.